KENROCKS NITE Ver.2 #50 大貫&カッチン 8/16 OA 2012
M-1 Groovin’/ The Young Rascals

M-2 I Got You Babe / Sonny & Cher

M-3 Everybody’s Talkin’ / Vikki Carr

M-4 Sister Golden Hair / America

M-5 Waiting For The Sun / The Doors

M-6 Masachusetts / The Bee Gees

M-7 ( Sittin’ On ) The Dock Of The Bay / Otis Redding

Katchin’ パート
M-1 Footsee / Wigan’s Chosen Few

M-2 You Don’t Want Me No More / Major Lance

M-3 Right Track / Billy Butler

M-4 Do I Love You / Eddie Foster

M-5 I Can’t Help Loving You / Paul Anka

M-6 Breakin’ Down The Walls Of Heartache / The Bandwagon

M-7 You’re Ready Now / Frankie Valli

KENROCKS NITE Ver.2 #49 大貫&カッチン 8/9 OA 2012
M-1 Misirlou / Dick Dale & The Del-Tones

M-2 黒いジャンパー / THE NEATBEATS

M-3 1.2.3! / 住所不定無職

M-4 LAMB’S BREAD / Stompin’ Riffraffs

M-5 人生のパレード -haguruma mix- / チャラン・ポ・ランタン

M-6 いとしい人よ / 早朝ピストンズ

M-7 I want a chance for romance / Copa Salvo

M-8 I Fought The Law / The Clash

M-1 Move On Up / Curtis Mayfield

M-2 Breakout / Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels

M-3 Don’t Cry, Sing Along With The Music / Melba Moore

M-4 You Don’t Know Where Your Interest Lies / Dana Valery

M-5 So Is The Sun / The World Column

M-6 I Walked Away / Bobby Paris

KENROCKS NITE Ver.2 #48 大貫&カッチン 8/2 OA 2012
M-1 Diamond Head / The Ventures

M-2 The Green Leaves Of Summer / Inglourious Basterds O.S.T.

M-3 No More / Elvis Presley

M-4 The Warmth Of The Sun / The Beach Boys

M-5 I Really Want You / Archestra One

M-6 Waiting / After All

M-7 Summer Song In The autumn / Peter Hammil

M-1 Time Will Pass You By / Tobi Legend

M-2 Hey Girl Don’t Bother Me / The Tams

M-3 Real Humdinger / J.J. Barnes

M-4 Washed Ashore / The Platters

M-5 A Good Thing Going / Phil Coulter And His Orchestra

M-6 I’m On My Way / Dean Parrish

M-7 Long After Tonight Is All Over / Jimmy Radcliffe

KENROCKS NITE Ver.2 #47 大貫&カッチン 7/26 OA 2012
M-1 Summer Fun / The Barracudas

M-2 You & Me / Advantage Lucy

M-3 シェリーに口づけ(I Love Kiss & Kids Mix)/ Pizzicato Five

M-4 She Goes To Finos / Ron Ron Clou

M-5 Take On Me / Reel Big Fish

M-6 Come Dancing / Good Riddance

M-7 Why Can’t We Be Friends ? / Smash Mouth

M-1 It’s All Up To You / Ambulance

M-2 Somebody Put Something In My Drink / The Ramones

M-3 Humankind / The Ramones

M-4 I Know Better Now / The Ramones

M-5 I’m Not Jesus / The Ramones

M-6 Believe In You / Ambulance

KENROCKS NITE Ver.2 #46 大貫&カッチン 7/19 OA 2012
M-1 Hole In The Bed / The View

M-2 Internal Radio / Ginger Wildheart

M-3 New Ceremony / Dry The River

M-4 Crash / Belle And Sebastian

M-5 Polly / Amanda Palmer & The Grand

M-6 Amerigo / Patti Smith

M-1 Sweet Talkin’ Guy / The Chiffons

M-2 Here I Go Again / Archie Bell & The Drells

M-3 Show Me / Joe Tex

M-4 Rescue Me / Fontella Bass

M-5 Billy’s Bag / Billy Preston

M-6 Love Bug Leave My Heart Alone / Martha & The Vandellas

KENROCKS NITE Ver.2 #45 大貫&カッチン 7/12 OA 2012

M-1 Wang Dang Doodle / TERROR FAMILIA

M-2 Do Your Duty / Bessie Smith

M-3 I’m A Woman / Peggy Lee

M-4 Strollin’ Guitar / Eddie Cochran

M-5 You Revived My Fossil / Seconds Exposure

M-6 ハスリン・ダン / 浅川マキ

M-7 Supernova / Diana Chiaki

Katchin’ パート
M-1 I Want You To Be My Baby / Georgia Gibbs

M-2 The Hucklebuck / Chubby Checker

M-3 The Barracuda / Alvin Cash & The Crawlers

M-4 You Never Can’t Tell / Chuck Berry

M-5 Rubberneckin’ / Elvis Presley

M-6 You Can Have Her / Roy Hamilton

KENROCKS NITE Ver.2 #44 大貫&カッチン 7/5 OA 2012

M-1 ダンシング・セブンティーン / オックス

M-2 銀の鎖 / 加賀テツヤとリンド&リンダース

M-3 すてきなエルザ / ザ・ライオンズ

M-4 太陽の剣 / ザ・ブルー・インパルス

M-5 なんとなくなんとなく / ザ・スパイダース Feat,井上順

M-6 ベラよ急げ / ザ・モップス

M-7 クライ・クライ・クライ / ジ・エドワーズ

M-8 真夏の夜の動物園 / ザ・ダイナマイツ

M-1 Shoes / Bobby Bland

M-2 Out On The Floor / Dobie Gray

M-3 Agent Double-O-Soul / Edwin Starr

M-4 The Boogaloo Party / The Flamingos

M-5 Baby, Do The Philly Dog / The Olympics

M-6 Hand It Over / Chuck Jackson

KENROCKS NITE Ver.2 #42 大貫&カッチン 6/21 OA 2012
M-1 And I Love Him / Roberta Flack

M-2 Accra City Blues / Blitz The Ambassador

M-3 La Cacerola / Che Sudaka

M-4 Gentle Sons / The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

M-5 Aeroplane / Clairy Browne & The Bangin Rackettes

M-6 Manha De Carnival / Claudine Longet

M-1 What Did I Do To Deserve You / Joey Ramone

M-2 What A Wonderful World / Joey Ramone

M-3 Life’s A Gas / The Ramones

M-4 She’s A Sensation / The Ramones

M-5 Party Line / Joey Ramone

KENROCKS NITE Ver.2 #41 大貫&カッチン 6/15 OA 2012

M-1 Pop Of D. / Frontier Backyard

M-2 Our Fairy Tale / The Herd

M-3 A Selection / Fishbone

M-4 Some Nights / fun

M-5 Petition / Tennis

M-6 Hot Fun In One Summer Day / TGMX

M-1 Bad Motorcycle / The Angelos

M-2 Love Power / The Sandpebbles

M-3 The “In” Crowd / Dobie Gray

M-4 Like A Baby / Len Barry

M-5 Don’t Cry Sing Along With The Music / The Tokens

M-6 Theme From “The Fantastic Plastic Machine” / Harry Betts

M-7 Northern Dancer / Biddu Orchestra


大貫&カッチン 6/7 OA 2012

M-1 フリフリ / 田坂昭知とザ・スパイダース

M-2 いとしのジザベル / ザ・ゴールデン・カップス

M-3 朝まで待てない / ザ・モップス

M-4 トンネル天国 / The Dynamites

M-5 僕のマリー / ザ・タイガース

M-6 青空のある限り / ザ・ワイルド・ワンズ

M-7 真冬の帰り道 / ザ・ランチャーズ

M-8 あなたが欲しい / Happennings 4

『Katchin’ the RUMBLE』
M-1 What Happened To Yesterday / Mr Soul

M-2 Just A Little Misunderstanding / The Contours

M-3 I Feel Love Comin’ On / Felice Taylor

M-4 She’s Almost You / Billy Harner

M-5 Uptight / Stevie Wonder

M-6 The Duck / Jackie Lee

M-7 I Need You / Shane Martin

M-8 Agent Double-O-Soul / Edwin Starr

M-9 Our Love / Darrell Banks

M-10 Strawberry Shortcake / Jay And The Techniques

M-11 Sweet, Sweet Lovin’ / The Platters

M-12 There Was A Time / Gene Chandler

M-13 Manifesto / James Lewis And The Case Of Tyme

M-14 In My Lonely Room / Martha And The Vandellas

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