Groovy Rock Caravan @ The Room 1/16 (sun)

Groovy Rock Caravan @ The Room 1/16 (sun)

大貫憲章DJ Setlist

M-1 Harlem Nocturne / The Lounge Lizards

M-2 I Put A Spell On You / Alan Price

M-3 Black Magic Woman / Santana

M-4 The Unconventional / Japan

M-5 Bron – Y-Aur Stomp / Led Zeppelin

M-6 See No Evil / Television

M-7 Stone Free / Jimi Hendrix Experience

M-8 Mandrake Root / Deep Purple

M-9 Satori Pt.2 / Flower Travellin’ Band

M-10 All Along The Watchtower / Dave Mason

M-11 Spanish Bomb / The Clash

M-12 Wrong ‘em Boyo / The Clash

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